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U Shape Tooth Brush Series

Oral care Series of Product


The U Shape Toothbrush Head Cleans the top portion of the teeth, both sides of the teeth, while massaging the users gums.

Due to the broad use of the toothbrush around the globe, design of this practical utility item has seen changes over the years. Currently, there are 3 primary categories that are available to consumers: Manual, Electric, and Sonic.
Electric toothbrushes are often recommended by dentist for improving dental hygiene. Brushing with an electric brush is an effective way to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Our oscillating single or double head electric toothbrush can do far more than simply clean teeth and freshen breath. Because our patented design covers more surface of the teeth, it allows consumers to maintain a regimen of oral hygiene that could prevent tooth decay.
Our device is exceptional as it conquers two overlooked areas. ed design allows useF

First, the U-shaped design allows users to clean the back-side or the inner
area of the teeth closer to the Tongue which usually goes neglected.

 The second feature is that it alerts the user with prompts that remind them to keep cleaning for a full 2 minutes. This guided system also prompts the user when it is time to move to the next section within the mouth ensuring there are no areas that have been neglected.

Manual Toothbrush Head, Tongue, Cheek and Gum Cleaner

For consumers who prefer an alternative to electric, our U-shape design can also be applied to manual toothbrushes. 

Additionally, a beneficial companion to the manual U-shaped brush is our double-headed tongue-cheek-gum cleaner. The dual head option gives users a choice on which coarseness is most comfortable for them allowing a cleaning option that is preferred, rather than forced. With this added product, the Oral Care Product Series is built for total hygiene care.
As for distribution, typically, manual toothbrushes are sold separately, or routinely sold in packs of 6 or more. With regular use, these toothbrushes are meant to last up to 4 months before being replaced.
The versatility and complimentary design of our entire product series – whether electric or manual – positions our company for upside growth potential with minimal headwinds.

Ultra Violet Light Box

The sad fact is that over 100 million bacteria call our toothbrushes home. Even with toothbrush covers or when a toothbrush is locked away in our medicine cabinets, it is virtually impossible to escape all of the germs and bacteria that can grow on a toothbrush.
Our solution? A patented, hygiene box with ultra violet (UV) light to keep products sanitized in between use. Our UV box is conveniently sized to fit our U-shape toothbrush head, tongue-cheek-gum cleaner, and our proprietary C-shape flossing head. The sanitizing system works diligently to rid bacteria by emitting beams of light and this is known to be one of the most effective methods of killing bacteria.

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