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Manual Toothbrush Head & Tongue Cheek and Gum Cleaner.

When it comes to Marketing, it appears almost all brands seen on TV “is the one dentist recommends the most.” But among all of the grand-standing, there are brands that stand out among its peers. Rising to the top of that list are: Colgate® and Oral-B®. Given the immense size of these corporate giants, it is no surprise that their products garner the largest share of market. But being bigger doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t room for improvement. Industry disruptors have been forging new-product demand for decades. Remember when Uber disrupted transportation? Or when Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry? Or, even more recently, we see how AI is changing the landscape of almost every industry imaginable. So, while the competition may be viewed as giants, they are not impenetrable. Let’s look at these 2 companies a little more in depth. Colgate is one of the most significant manufactures and distributors – not only In the U.S., but globally. Oral-B is a strong second, only slightly behind Colgate. Both combined, along with smaller competition in this space, produce an astounding net sales worldwide that exceed $17 Billion. In 2022 alone, more than 50% ($9.5 Billion) of those sales could be attributed to consumer demand within the U.S.
Founded in 1873.
Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste brands are purchased by more than half the households worldwide.
Colgate leads with a volume market share of 41.5% percent.
Colgate Extra Clean™ 2018 sales were $46.6M.
The Colgate 360 Optical White™ 2018 sales were $43.3M with the average cost per toothbrush being $21.99 (best-selling powered toothbrush in U.S.).
Founded in 1950.
Oral-B is a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble which is one of the world’s leading companies in the oral care segment.
Oral-B has an estimated market share of 28%.
Oral-B Pro Health™ 2018 sales were $45.9M.
Oral-B Health Clinical Pro-Flex 2018 sales were $22.08M with the average cost per toothbrush being $3.50.


For consumers who prefer an alternative to electric, our U-shape design can also be applied to manual toothbrushes.

Additionally, a beneficial companion to the manual U-shaped brush is our double-headed tongue-cheek-gum cleaner. The dual head option gives users a choice on which coarseness is most comfortable for them allowing a cleaning option that is preferred, rather than forced. With this added product, the Oral Care Product Series is built for total hygiene care.
As for distribution, typically, manual toothbrushes are sold separately, or routinely sold in packs of 6 or more. With regular use, these toothbrushes are meant to last up to 4 months before being replaced.
The versatility and complimentary design of our entire product series – whether electric or manual – positions our company for upside growth potential with minimal headwinds.


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